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News to me, but it appears that Web-FTP captured someone's attention at DaveCentral and received the Best of Linux award at some point. It seems to be a daily award, but there is a nice little testimonial with it :) I hope people are enjoying it. Hey, maybe I'll even add help screens... hehehe.
New! Web-FTP 1.5.x introduces Crytpo Card support, and also some support for connecting to MS ftp servers. Crypto card support allows people to connect to ftp servers that use crypto card security. Lemme know if it works for you.

Web-FTP is a fully featured ftp client designed for secure file management when used in conjunction with an SSL enabled web server. As a secondary function it can serve as an FTP client for users who's firewalls block FTP, since all communication is through the HTTP protocol.

Once you log in to Web-FTP it retains a session, which runs locally on your server, subsequent calls to the cgi (with the proper cookie) reconnect you to your session, therefore maintaining state. Since everything passes through a cgi, if you put that CGI on a secure web-server you will have secure ftp (as long as the ftp is the same machine as the http server, or is behind a firewall).

I recently ran across another another perl cgi to access FTP called Drall. It seems to have a bit simpler interface. Just to let people know.

Anthony Ball maintains this project, which was started by Tom Stepleton. There have been major changes and additions to the project, such as a completely new user interface, true secure web server support, a file editor and viewer, and many other changes and fixes.

To join our mailing list, go to this page. The list is the preferred way to discuss bugs and address questions about Web-FTP.

Latest Version
Version 2.2.1
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User: anonymous
Pass: anything
(This version using the faster C interface)

Changes: Fixed bug connecting to MS servers. Fixed templates bug. Added portuguese, spanish, dutch, and traditional chinese language maps.

Latest Stable Version
Version 1.5.2
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User: anonymous
Pass: anything

Changes: Now works with Netscape Server (2.2.1 is probably stable, too)

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